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2.22 Delayed Interpolation of Strings

Sometimes we might want to delay the interpolation of values into a string. There is no perfect way to do this.

A naive approach is to store a single-quoted string and then evaluate it:

str = '#{name} is my name, and #{nation} is my nation.'
name, nation = "Stephen Dedalus", "Ireland"
s1  = eval('"' + str + '"')
# Stephen Dedalus is my name, and Ireland is my nation.

However, using eval is almost always the worst option. Any time you use eval, you are opening yourself up to many problems, including extremely slow execution and unexpected security vulnerabilities, so it should be avoided if at all possible.

A much less dangerous way is to use a block:

str = proc do |name, nation|
 "#{name} is my name, and #{nation} is my nation."
s2 = str.call("Gulliver Foyle", "Terra")
# Gulliver Foyle is my name, and Terra is my nation.
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