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The Cure

What the decline and death of imagination require is a return to forms of expression that leave something for the imagination to work with. Subtlety and an attitude of the implied instead of the explicit will help you engage the brain and the eye in a more imaginative and cognitive process. But that alone is not enough. The real core of the cure, for us as artists, is to treat our own addiction, the roots of which are founded in our own ignorance of the traditional art and spirit of storytelling.

I am not a scientist. What I see is through the eyes of a struggling artist faced with the daily terror of creation. What I want is for us to fulfill the obligation placed upon us as the keepers of the flame of the art spirit. Unfortunately, there is no Hippocratic oath administered to those of us who walk the artist's path. We have only each other and a voluntary devotion to the principles of our professions learned at the feet of our mentors and artistic heroes. So, what is the simplest most profound remedy for the death of the imagination? The cure is found in the answer to the first question that I ask job candidates:

"Have you read any good books lately?"

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