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When using SOAP, what is the most efficient way to access services from a client over the Internet?

If there is a new technology around that helps you expose services over the Internet, there needs to be a way to easily access those services from the client. And, in fact, there is. Visual Studio 7 introduces the attribute-based COM programming model Mary Kirtland originally wrote about in the November and December 1997 editions of Microsoft Systems Journal. You saw C# used in the ASP+ code from Listing C.1. But you can also use C#, which resembles a combination of IDL and Java, to access a Web Service from a client (which may itself be a server to an third client).

The HelloWorld class example in the following Listing shows you the C# code you'd use to access the remote methods HelloWorld exposes.

Listing  C# Code to Access the HelloWorld ASP+ Clas

See code:

If you're used to looking at either IDL or Java, the syntax should look familiar. But look at this particularly interesting line of code: (see below)

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