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How is ASP+ used when creating web services?

An enhanced version of Microsoft's Active Server Pages, ASP+ offers a new mechanism for exposing Web-oriented information. In addition to extended services through a new file type (.asmx) and the ability to compile your ASP+ pages into DLLs (versus simple script execution), ASP+ offers you attribute-based programming services. These enable you to easily call into play supported services and capabilities by simply adding an attribute to a method call (much like IDL).

For example, consider the following Listing , which exposes a C#[nd]based object designed to return two strings, depending upon the method invoked.

Listing:  ASP+ Code to Be Exposed as a Web Service

See code:

In this case, if a remote client is invoked the SayHelloWorld() method, the ASP+ server would return the string "Hello World". If you were to look at the network bits and bytes, you would find that SOAP was used to make the remote method call and return the string data.

Source: This FAQ is excerpted from Understanding SOAP by Kennard Scribner and Mark C. Stiver (2000, Sams, ISBN 0672319225). Refer to this book for more detailed information on SOAP.

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