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Viral Email Marketing

The premise of viral affiliate marketing is simple. People love to show their support for their favorite products and will happily advertise them for free. Look at all the brand names people wear on their clothes, or logos they stick on their car bumpers or rear windows. And what about team sports apparel, such as hats, jackets, and T-shirts? So why not let individuals accessorize their emails with advertising messages too—and get paid for it!

That's the core of viral email marketing—individuals acting as affiliates promoting a merchant's product or service offers. With an estimated 3.4 trillion email messages sent in 1999 (or 2.1 billion daily), you can see that an email affiliate program is a powerful marketing device that can very quickly spread a merchant's offer across the Net.

Viral email affiliate programs offer an easy entry for merchants wanting to promote products and services via email while still maintaining the pay-for-performance benefits of affiliate marketing. In addition to the formal affiliate email programs, the method known as browser redirect allows affiliates to create a file that redirects a person to their affiliate link. This is especially useful for affiliates that want to promote an affiliate program in their email or text newsletter.

The affiliate just has to go into the code and replace YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK with the text link code from the merchant, then upload the page to its web site. With this method, affiliates can use a URL such as http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com/MERCHANT.htm in their email or text newsletter, and all the people who clicked this URL would go to the merchant site through the affiliate link. Here's an example of the browser redirect code:


<head><meta http-equiv="refresh "content="0;url=

<title>Write some copy about the merchant here</title>



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