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Strategic and Tactical Use of Projects

As organizations begin to understand the value of using projects in day-to-day operations, this organizational tool can be used at a tactical level in the production of goods and services, as well as a higher strategic level by executives. Owners, board of directors members, and executives within the organization sometimes have major objectives that have to be accomplished, and the organization of work activities in the form of a project is extremely useful to ensure that everything has been completed correctly. Projects can be used to evaluate future market strategies, growth opportunities, the expansion and creation of new facilities, and strategic funding or financing opportunities.

Organizations that use projects at a tactical level discover that projects are useful in process development or improvement, documentation development, new product development, or any other unique endeavor conducted within a department. In many cases, projects are used more at the tactical level to accomplish specific and unique goals or objectives throughout an operation. Projects can be used to accomplish very small and insignificant objectives, as well as larger, more complex objectives required within an operation. The important aspect of using projects is the fact that they can be used to organize all the activities required to produce a unique objective that is not associated with daily activities. If an organization is structured such that projects are used on a regular basis, this can constitute the development of a project management structure that can further organize projects depending on the requirements of the operation.

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