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Start Writing Right Now

While having high-quality blog posts is important to building up the sort of technical blog that will land you jobs, the reality is that blogging is a learned skill. If you've never blogged before, you're facing a bit of a learning curve. The only way up that particular mountain is to start writing blog posts on a regular basis. By publishing blog posts, you'll start to get a feeling for what your own style can be and what people are reading. You can gather a lot of ideas by reading popular blogs, but you need experience of your own to blog effectively.

There are certain formats that are particularly common on technical blogs, like the following:

  • Tutorials
  • Informational articles
  • Opinion pieces
  • Code reviews
  • Illustrations / Infographics
  • Book / course / product reviews
  • Product walkthroughs

Within those formats, however, you have the freedom to write pretty much anything you want. In fact, you don't even have to write — you can record audio or video or create illustrations just as easily.

Similarly, you have as much freedom as you want when it comes to choosing a topic. You'll find it easier to focus in on one specific niche (like how Python is used in web apps) than to write broadly (on how all web apps are programmed), at least at first. But you're writing your own blog: you get to make all the rules.

Pay attention to how other blogs construct their posts, though. While you have plenty of freedom, you do want to produce posts that other people want to read. That means formatting your writing to be easily read. Think short paragraphs, lots of section headers, and even some bold text. And since you're writing a technical blog, you'll want to think about how you display code, as opposed to the writing you're doing around your code. At the very least, consider setting any code you publish to your blog in a different font so readers can tell at a glance that they're dealing with something new.

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