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Managing and Sharing Albums Using the Beta Version of iCloud Photo Library

After you’ve set up iCloud Photo Library and your Albums have properly synced between your mobile devices and iCloud, you can begin sharing specific Albums with other people of your choosing using the iOS 8.1 (or later) edition of the Photos app. Or, if you only want to share specific images within an existing Album with others, you can choose to do that as well, while keeping all of your other images private.

To begin sharing images from the Photos app running on your iOS mobile device, launch the app, tap on the Albums icon, and then tap on the thumbnail which represents the Album that contains images you want share.

Once the Album is open and you’re viewing the thumbnails which represent the images stored within the selected Album, tap on the Select option, and then tap on thumbnails to select specific images. Each selected thumbnail will display a blue and white checkmark icon within it. After selecting all of the images you desire, tap on the Share icon.

From the Share menu, tap on the iCloud Photo Sharing icon. When the iCloud pop-up window appears, you can add a Comment for the photos or Album you’ll be sharing. Tap on the Shared Album option to either merge the selected images into a shared Album that’s already been created, or tap on the New Shared Album option to create a new Album with a customized name.

After naming your new Album, tap on the Next icon. Within the To field, enter the email addresses for the people you want to share the album with. If the people have entries within your Contacts database, you can simply enter their first or last name, and the Photos app will insert their email addresses automatically. Tap on the Next option, and then tap on the Post option. The selected people will receive an email inviting them to access your online-based album.

To later grant additional people access to that album, and/or revoke access to others, from the Photos app, tap on the Shared icon, and then open a Shared Album by tapping on its thumbnail. Next, tap on the People option. From the Edit Shared Album menu, tap on the names of people whom you want to revoke access to, or tap on the Invite People… option to add additional people.

Keep in mind, the process for sharing images and Albums may change once the iCloud Photo Library feature is fully launched in early 2015. This full integration will most likely be unlocked in conjunction with the release of iOS 8.2 or iOS 8.3.

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