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Select an iPad Air 2 with Plenty of Internal Storage

All of the optional apps you install onto your iPad Air 2, as well as your app-specific files, documents and data, digital photos, and videos, and the multimedia content you acquire (music, eBooks, TV shows, movies, audiobooks, etc.), will probably be stored within your tablet.

Thus, depending on how you’ll be using your device, it’s important to choose a configuration with enough internal storage space to meet your needs. You always have the option to store data, documents, files, photos, and/or other content within iCloud (or another cloud-based file sharing service), and then access it from the Internet whenever it’s needed. However, this option is not as convenient as having the data and content stored within your device where it’s always accessible.

The iPad Air 2 is available with 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB of internal storage. If you plan to store a lot of digital photos or videos within the device, in addition to app-specific content and data, as well as multimedia content, you’ll definitely want to invest in a 64GB or 128GB device. However, the larger the storage capacity of your iPad, the higher the price for the tablet will be.

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