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Five Steps to Better Multi-language Coding

So the metrics act as the basis for understanding and working with any code—not just your own. In a multi-language environment, a programmer must also be able to apply the following five steps to all of the code:

  1. Read the code.
  2. Understand the code.
  3. Safely modify the code.
  4. Test the code.
  5. Verify the changed code.

Notice the positive aspect of these skills! The metrics tell us what to avoid when coding, and the five steps above illustrate the anticipated progress resulting from adopting a metrics-centered approach.

I believe that a comprehensive ability to make such changes is closely related to a well-orchestrated development environment and process. Much cooperation and conversation is required to facilitate effective multi-language development. However, in the absence of such an underlying (chatty) process, the metrics-based approach still provides a good foundation for acquiring the above skills.

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