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How to Set Up iCloud Keychain

The iCloud Keychain feature needs to be set up and turned on separately from each of your iOS mobile devices. To set up this feature for the first time from your iPhone or iPad, launch Settings, and tap on the iCloud option. From the iCloud Control Panel, tap on the Keychain option. Then, turn on the virtual switch that’s associated with the iCloud Keychain option. When you do this, you’ll be prompted to confirm your Apple ID password.

At this point, you’ll be prompted to create a four digit Security Code that will be linked with your iCloud Keychain. Create and enter a code, then confirm that code when prompted. Next, associate a smartphone phone number with the security code. For security purposes, this allows iCloud to send your smartphone a special verification code (via text message) when you later turn on iCloud Keychain on other computers or iOS mobile devices, or make changes to iCloud Keychain-related settings. Upon entering your smartphone phone number, tap on the Next option.

Once iCloud Keychain is turned on from the device you’re currently using, one at a time, launch Settings on your other iOS mobile devices, tap on the iCloud option, and then tap on the Keychain option from the iCloud Control Panel menu. When you attempt to activate iCloud Keychain on additional computers or mobile devices, you’ll be prompted to enter your four digit security code.

A separate Verification Code will then be transmitted to your smartphone. You will need to enter this code into the computer or mobile device you’re using in order to turn on the iCloud Keychain feature. Alternatively, you’ll need to access one of your other iOS mobile devices or Macs that already has iCloud Keychain turned on and active, and confirm the addition of the new computer or iOS mobile device.

The process for turning on the iCloud Keychain feature on a Mac is similar. However, you’ll begin by launching System Preferences, and then clicking on the iCloud icon in order to access the iCloud Control Panel. Then, add a checkmark to the Keychain option.

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