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Citrix Metaframe for UNIX Exam #310

Exam #310 also has 40 questions, a one-hour time limit, and a passing score of 72 (29 correct questions). The exam objectives are geared, and rightly so, to the UNIX environment and how Metaframe functions on UNIX. Specifically, it deals with Sun's Solaris, IBM's AIX, and Hewlett Packard's HP-UX UNIX operating systems. The exam objectives mention Solaris by name, but these other flavors of UNIX are supported.

You'll need experience in Metaframe for UNIX and Citrix technologies to ace this exam. A primary objective on the exam is planning and installing Metaframe for UNIX. Again, licensing is part of the planning process. You'll need to know how to plan for server size, optimization, and maintenance of server performance.

Publishing applications, Metaframe administration, and configuring the clients will be your central concern for the exam—and in your role as a Citrix administrator.

Like the other exams, you'll need to know how to establish and maintain a load-balancing scheme for your UNIX servers. This includes licensing, browsers services, IP addressing, and implementing balancing through an ICA Gateway.

The exam objectives wrap up with everyone's favorite: troubleshooting. This includes printers, UNIX servers, and general knowledge on Metaframe. Enjoy.

A strategy for this certification may be to take a Citrix Certified Class. The courses are offered throughout the U.S. and usually last up to four days. The price offering for the Metaframe XP 1.0 course (course number CTX-1220) averages $2000, and is a four-day class.

Citrix has established a solid foothold in the IT market, and will predictably be here for a long time to come. This certification is a foundation in a Citrix certification path that will serve to prove your commitment in your area of expertise. You can watch this space for an upcoming article on the path to achieve the Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator.

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