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Citrix Metaframe 1.8 Exam #218

This exam also has 40 questions, a one-hour time limit, but allows for a slightly lower passing score. You only need a 68, or 27 questions answered correctly, to pass this exam.

The objectives for this exam are similar to the XP 1.0 exam. For starters, you'll need to know the features of Metaframe 1.8 and why it's so great. In conjunction with Metaframe's features, you'll need an understanding of Windows NT Terminal Server. Specifically, you'll need to know how to configure user account properties.

Like the XP 1.0 exam, you'll need to know how to install Metaframe. Pay attention to the licensing and steps to determine the proper size server for a Metaframe install. You will also need to determine which protocol options are best-suited for your network and your install of Metaframe under certain conditions.

On the client side, you will need experience with installing and configuring the ICA client software. Spend time working in the Program Neighborhood. (The Program Neighborhood is Citrix's implementation of the Network Neighborhood you worked with in Windows NT.)

Citrix focuses on the "seamless user experience," which basically means that to the user the application could be running locally or remotely without much difference. Your job is to make that happen; this includes applications, drive mappings, printer connections, and some audio mapping. You will also need experience configuring client-side features such as client cache, SpeedScreen, and TAPI emulation.

To pass this exam, experience and knowledge of how to administer and optimize a Citrix server is essential. In detail, this means administering client connections through Citrix Server Administration, and Citrix Connection Configuration.

Load balancing is essential to ensure that one server isn't overworked while another is barely used. You'll need to beef up on how to publish applications, monitor a Citrix Server, balance a server's workload, and set parameters for enforcing load balancing.

Like the XP exam, this exam has a Web connectivity objective. This objective requires a knowledge of applications that are launched versus embedded, and how you'll manage each one. An advanced understanding of creating an HTML page for a published application and how users will interact with the page is required.

The final objective for this exam is Monitoring and Troubleshooting Metaframe. Basically, you'll need to know how to create, manage, and maintain a reliable server to pass this portion of the exam.

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