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Now What?

Now what? That is where you come in. Are the Novell certifications right for you? Before you make a decision either way, make sure to check out Novell's Web site http://www.novell.com/education/certinfo/ for the latest up-to-date certification information. What will drive your decision to pursue Novell certification is your present circumstance. You have to decide whether your employer, your region of the country, your region of the world, or you have adopted NetWare as a viable networking standard. It makes no sense to pursue a certification that has no value to you personally or to your employer because of predetermined decisions.

When I faced the Now what? question in the early 90s, my initial answer was Novell and the CNA/CNE. Those certifications got me into the world of IT, got me out of an uncomfortable employment environment, and opened up dozens of employment opportunities. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to install and support dozens of Novell, Microsoft, and integrated networks in schools and health care institutions. Based on the experiences I have had as a Contract SE-Systems Engineer, I can teach from real-world experience, not just book knowledge. That has made the teaching-side of my career profitable. One is built on the other.

Will it be the same for you? There is no way to know until you try. What I have tried to do here is provide you with the same information I provide my students on the first day of a certification track. The answer generally does not come on the first day of class, as it did with me, but on the journey that follows.

Now what? Next month, I am going to address many of the e-mails and comments that you have sent it based on the "Now What? The Career Changer's Odyssey" essay. One theme that I have noticed in the questions and comments is the recurrent theme of "How do I get started?" So next month, I will take a look at "Now What? Taking First Steps in IT." I will follow that up with the Microsoft certifications—the current 800 lb. Gorilla—my second set of certifications.

Want to continue reading this series? Click over to Warren Wyrostek's page to see all of his "Now What?" and other career and certification articles.

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