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Switch to Multi Window Mode

You can automatically view two files opened within the My Files or Video apps or attachments from email messages by enabling Multi Window view. Tap the Multi Window checkbox within the Display settings screen. When you do, the checkbox has a green check mark in it.

In this example, I use the My Files app to open a couple of image files. After you open the first image, that image appears in the Gallery app (you can also use the Photos app if you want) in the window at the bottom half of the screen. The My Files app still appears at the top half of the screen so you can open another image that appears in the window at the top half of the screen as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Figure 4. Two image files opened in the My Files app appear at the top and bottom halves of the screen.

You can resize the size of each window by tapping and holding the blue button in the middle of the screen and then dragging the button up or down. When you drag the button up, the top window shrinks and the bottom window gets larger; when you drag the button down, you enlarge the top window and shrink the bottom window. You can close each window by tapping on the Recent touch button and then closing the window tile within the Recent Apps window.

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