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Swipe, Yes Swiping!

Swipe down the screen to view all the options in the Keyboard Swipe section shown in Figure 6. The None button is selected by default, which means keyboard swiping is disabled.

Figure 6

Figure 6. The Keyboard Swipe section contains three options.

If you want to slide your finger across the keyboard to type text instead of tapping your finger on a key, tap Continuous Input. When you use the keyboard, you can hold your finger down on the keyboard and slide your finger to the key you want. When you stop your finger on the key you want,the Tab 4 enters the key character. This feature works best on the standard QWERTY keyboard.

You can also use the keyboard to move the text cursor on the screen instead of typing by tapping Cursor Control. After you enable cursor control, you can tap on the keys within the keyboard to enter text. However, when you swipe back and forth, the cursor moves back and forth to a specific point within the text.

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