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Type Smart

The Smart Typing section appears below the Input Languages section on the screen and the Predictive Text feature is turned on by default. This feature predicts what you’re trying to type and gives you suggested words to insert instead of type. These suggestions appear within the black suggestion bar that appears directly above the keyboard.

You can turn this feature off by sliding the button to the right of the Predictive Text name from right (On) to left (Off). Change Predictive Text settings by tapping Predictive Text in the Smart Typing section. The Predictive Text screen appears as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Figure 5. Three sections comprise the Predictive Text screen.

At the top of the screen, the Tab 4 updates its word database daily and uses personalized language data you’ve entered by default. You can turn either feature off by tapping on the checkbox to the right of the feature name to clear the checkbox.

In the Personalization section, you can log into Facebook, Twitter, and/or Gmail to let the Tab 4 learn your writing style from Facebook and/or Twitter posts, and/or email messages you send. You can also have the Tab 4 learn your writing style from what you type in your Contacts database. If you want to clear data collected on your Tab 4 from a server, such as your Gmail server, tap Clear Server Data. You can also clear all your personalized data the Tab 4 has collected to learn more about your writing style by tapping Clear Personal Data.

You can also read the Samsung Keyboard privacy policy on your preferred Tab 4 browser by tapping Privacy Policy. For now, return to the Samsung Keyboard Settings screen by tapping the left arrow icon on the left side of the blue menu bar at the top of the screen.

The Auto Replacement setting is enabled automatically so the Tab 4 will complete the word you’re typing with the predicted word when you tap the space bar. You can turn this feature off by sliding the button to the right of the Auto Replacement name from right (On) to left (Off). You can enable or disable the Auto Replacement feature for one or more keyboard languages by tapping Auto Replacement and then selecting the language(s) to enable or disable within the Auto Replacement screen.

The Auto Capitalization and Auto Spacing checkboxes are checked by default so the Tab 4 automatically capitalizes the first letter of a sentence and inserts spaces between words, respectively. Disable one or both features by tapping the checkbox to the right of the feature name; you can enable the feature again by tapping the clear checkbox to place a checkmark within it. If you want to insert a period at the end of a sentence automatically, tap Auto Punctuate.

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