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Change Your Lock Screen Settings

You can change how you access the Tab 4 from the Lock screen and also add more functionality to the Lock screen by adding widgets. If you aren’t in the Settings screen already, tap the Apps icon in the Home screen and then tap Settings in the Apps screen.

In the Settings screen, tap Device in the blue menu bar at the top of the screen. Next, tap Lock Screen in the settings list on the left side of the screen. The Lock Screen settings list appears on the right side of the screen as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8

Figure 8. The Lock Screen settings list appears on the right side of the Settings screen.

In the Screen Security section at the top of the list, the Screen Lock setting shows how you dismiss the Lock screen, which is Swipe in Figure 8. You can change the way you lock the screen by tapping Screen Lock in the list and then tapping the lock method in the Select Screen Lock page. You can read more about locking the screen with a password in Chapter 4 of My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

You can also change your Lock screen clock settings by tapping Clock Widget Options. In the Clock Widget Options settings list that appears as shown in Figure 9, the Clock size is normal. You can change the size of the clock on the Lock screen to Small, Normal (the default), or Large by tapping Clock Size and then selecting the size in the Clock Size window. If you don’t want to show the date on the Lock screen, tap the Show Date checkbox to clear it.

Figure 9

Figure 9. The Clock size is Normal by default.

Return to the Lock Screen settings list by tapping the Back touch button. Change to a personal message by tapping Personal Message as you saw in Figure 9; in the Personal Message page that appears in Figure 10, swipe the slider button in the blue menu bar at the top of the page from left (Off) to right (On).

Figure 10

Figure 10. The Personal Message page contains a thumbnail image that shows where your personal message will appear on the Lock screen.

Now you can tap Edit Personal Information so you can type your message, change the font style, and change the text color. Tap Save in the menu bar at the top of your screen when you’ve finished your message.

You can return to the Lock screen settings list by pressing the Back button. In the Secured with Password section you saw in Figure 8, you can also change the following options:

  • Owner Information: Tap this option to type information you want people to know about the owner on the Lock screen.
  • Lock Automatically: By default, the screen will lock five seconds after the screen turns off automatically. Change this interval by tapping Lock Automatically and then selecting the interval in the Lock Automatically window; the interval ranges from Immediately to 30 minutes.
  • Lock Instantly with Power Off: By default, you lock the Tab 4 immediately when you press the Power button. You can turn off this feature by tapping the Lock Instantly with Power Off checkbox to clear it.
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