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From the author of Setting Options for Best Results

Setting Options for Best Results

When Camtasia Recorder opens, you can either accept the full-screen default or use the Guide Lines to designate an area of the screen to capture (see Figure 2).

If you're using multiple monitors—great idea!—the default setting is the entire current monitor. You can also designate a portion of the screen to capture a small application or YouTube video. If you want to capture sound from the computer (YouTube video audio), you'll need to enable system sound capture under the Recorder options.

Next, choose Tools > Options. In the Options dialog box, you can see or change the location for your temporary capture files (see Figure 3).

Click the File Options button to set the locations for your captured project files (*.TREC) and ultimately for your project (*.PROJ) files, as shown in Figure 4.

Notice in Figure 4 that I've set Camtasia Recorder to ask for a file name when I move my captured project files into the Editor. With this strategy, I can choose a descriptive name that's easy to remember a few weeks later, unlike a generic name such as "Capture05." However, to choose my own folder, I had to select the Fixed File Name option first, specify my destination folder, and then click Ask for File Name before clicking OK.

In the Audio On drop-down list shown in Figure 5, you can confirm the audio input for narration, as well as adding system sound recording if your demo includes system audio or you're capturing video with sound from within the demo. (You would also do this when capturing YouTube video.)

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