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Finishing the Rest of the Chart

As an exercise, you should try finishing the rest of the bar chart on your own using data-joins. I’ll include the code here in Listing 5.2 in case you get stuck, but give it a shot on your own:

Listing 5.2 Building the rest of the chart using a data-join

var barLabelGroup = svg.append("g")
       .attr("transform", translateText)
       .attr("y", function(d,i) {return i * barSpacing + barHeight*(2/3)})
       .text(function(d) {return d});
var axisTickGroup = svg.append("g")
       .attr("transform", translateText)
       .attr("stroke", "black");
       .attr("x1", function(d) {return d*scaleFactor})
       .attr("x2", function(d) {return d*scaleFactor})
       .attr("y1", 0)
       .attr("y2", -tickHeight);

var axisLabelGroup = svg.append("g")
       .attr("transform", translateText)
       .attr("class", "axis-label");

  .attr("x", function(d) {return d * scaleFactor})
  .attr("y", -tickHeight - tickGap)
  .text(function(d) {return d + "%"});
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