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Stage 4: Troubleshooting and Uploading the Final Files

When uploading the files, place the CGI script into the "cgi-bin" of your server. This is something that your hosting company should have set up for you already. Put the other files in the root or "httpdocs" folder.

There are a few things that you should be aware of when troubleshooting the CGI script. The only two lines that you should ever have to change in this example are the first line and the line after the "Location of the sendmail program" comment. These lines are server–specific, but are written to the most common settings. If you upload this file and it does not work, you should contact your hosting company and ask where the Perl compiler is so you can fix the first line. You should also ask where the sendmail program is located so you can fix that line as well.

Before you run off to call your hosting company to see about the location of the Perl compiler and sendmail program, you should make sure that the CGI file is uploaded to the right directory with the correct permissions. Also make sure that you have the correct URL of the file in the Flash ActionScript.

This wraps up my Flash/CGI article. I hope you enjoyed it! If all works out well, you can expect to see a few more articles from me in the future.

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