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While the ability to handle incoming calls and place outgoing calls at the click of a link is interesting in and of itself, the combination of WAP and a voice application development technology such as VoiceXML ushers in a host of new types of applications. Server applications (or other mobile users) could alert you to breaking news or other events via WAP Push, while WAP WTAI would allow you to connect to an interactive voice application to obtain more detailed information. Companies such as XSVoice are offering server technologies that combine the worlds of streaming media and wireless communications. This exciting combination allows the user to browse among options using an interface designed for browsing (a WML/WMLScript browser). Once a selection is made, the actual content—which may be very lengthy and unsuitable for display on a tiny device screen—can be accessed via a more natural interface: voice. The right mix of "sight versus sound" in a mobile application can result in a far superior user experience that can also be far safer for mobile users operating moving vehicles or equipment.

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