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Google+ Hangout Preparation List

Like any other business practice, Hangouts need some preparation and a little practice to get right. As with mock customer service calls, you could practice having Hangouts among your staff (or you and a friend if you are a small team) taking turns to be different roles and scripting the boundaries of each role for a more realistic effect. So, for instance, if one of you is a customer, you know that there are some boundaries you cannot go beyond, such as using inappropriate language or being overly familiar to the point that it causes offense. These points might seem obvious, but Hangouts have the tendency to create a sense of intimacy and familiarity in the contact that is great when you’re hanging out with friends but which can easily wrong-foot a brand.

Practice helps instill a code of conduct and create a sense of confidence in how one should act. This comes across in the HOA interaction and adds to the positive impact of the experience. It also helps the HOA host to focus on communicating his message better.

The 10 points that follow are designed to be your preflight checklist. Answering them will help you prepare best for Hangouts and create the right kind of confidence in the technology for you and your team:

  • List all the reasons why you need to hold Hangouts.
  • Detail all the technical setup for the Hangouts, including who will be responsible for reviewing performance and training.
  • Explain how Hangouts will fit in with your overall company structure and marketing plans.
  • Detail how you will familiarize yourself and your staff with Hangouts.
  • Make a list of the Hangout types you will have and how you will decide which type you should have and when.
  • Decide how you will gauge the effectiveness of each type of Hangout.
  • Detail how you will assess whether a Hangout has met the specific needs of your business.
  • Detail how you are going to use the data you get from Hangouts and integrate it into your marketing.
  • Explain your choice of subjects for Hangouts on Air.
  • Detail how Hangouts can be used in the launch of products or services.
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