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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Managing Posts and Pages

Throughout this chapter, you’ve seen figures with the All Posts or All Pages list, and now I’m going to spend a little time explaining how it works. Beyond the obvious (listing all the posts or pages you have, ordered with the most recent at the top), there are lots of other features that you can use to manage your site.

You can look at posts from a certain month and year, category, drafts, sticky, pending, or ones that you’ve deleted. You can even see your posts with an excerpt of the content with the click of a button (noted with an arrow in Figure 11.56). For pages, there are fewer options for looking at the list (Figure 11.57), but they both share the capability to quickly view, edit in the full editor, use the Quick Edit (you saw that for Pages when you set the page order), and best of all—bulk editing.

Figure 11.56

Figure 11.56 All Posts listing.

Figure 11.57

Figure 11.57 All Pages listing.

Bulk editing allows you to change things like the Published status, Author, Categories (Posts), Tags (Posts), Template (Pages), and other properties in one fell swoop. It works like this: Click the check marks next to the posts or pages that you’d like to edit (I’m going to use posts as the example to make two posts unsticky), select Edit from the Bulk Actions menu, and click Apply (Figure 11.58). Then select the option I’d like to change in both posts (in this case, to unstick them from the front page), and click Update (Figure 11.59). That’s it.

Figure 11.58

Figure 11.58 Selecting two posts to bulk edit.

Figure 11.59

Figure 11.59 Changing the posts.

If you need to turn off the comments on a large number of posts or pages, this is the fastest way to get the job done. Remember, if you turn off comments on posts or pages, the change isn’t retroactive, so this is the best option to take care of that. The All Posts and All Pages screen is pretty powerful. Sometimes—in fact, most of the time—it’s the fastest way to add a tag or two to a post, change a post or page back to Draft if it needs to be pulled, or lots of other changes. Take advantage of this tool! It’s there, it’s powerful, and it will get more powerful as WordPress becomes more sophisticated.

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