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Preparing for the Next Stage

Although the app remains in its infancy at this phase of the development process, it’s not too soon to take formal opinions of it from potential users or colleagues. As designers, it’s often our job to dictate or direct the development path and make important decisions about the project, but we’re by no means dictators. Don’t let yourself be above healthy discussion or critiques of your work from anybody. Each and every voice that responds to your output can be valuable, so don’t jump to dismiss the opinions of others who don’t have design experience. Apps aren’t just for the tech elite; everyone from mothers to bank tellers to baristas are potential users too. Inevitably, someone in such a position will point out a bad design idea.

Ultimately, if you can’t defend your own design it’s probably not that great of a design to begin with. Be willing to question and evaluate your own ideas with the goal of an improved user experience in mind. Developing apps is very much a team sport, and your work will inevitably grow with thoughtful critique and constant iteration.

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