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Configuring and Troubleshooting the Desktop Environment

Users like their desktop environments to feel comfy and friendly. Don't you? To pass this exam, you need to know how to provide users' desktops with that "warm and fuzzy feeling" while still enforcing some control. You're going to do this through Profiles and policies.

Policies, as I hope you're aware of by now, are vastly different (and better) from NT 4.0's policies. You really must invest some time in learning about policies and how wonderful they are in Windows 2000. Not just to pass this exam—but to have a successful implementation of the product. Knowing policies will make you happy.

Another new tool you'll most likely be tested on—the Windows Installer Service. This tool allows you to deploy applications through SMS-type packages.


Study Hint: In case you haven't guessed yet—know policies.

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