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Implementing and Conducting Administration of Resources

After installing our clients with Windows 2000, we need to allow them access to network resources. This is where the line between client and server gets blurry. You need to know how to secure resources while still allowing clients appropriate levels of access. You should know how NTFS and Share permissions work together, and which take precedence. Recall that NTFS permissions are accumulative, and that Share permissions are also accumulative. The difference is when you combine NTFS permissions and Share permissions. The effective permission is the most restrictive between the two.

Learn the differences between FAT, FAT32, and NTFS. Don't forget that NTFS for NT 4.0 is slightly different from the NTFS Windows 2000 uses.

Of course, resources include printers. You should know how to secure a printer, troubleshoot printer permissions, and configure priority for printers. In addition, invest time in learning the Internet Printing Protocol, which allows you to print to and manage printers through a web browser.


Study Hint: Spend a few hours setting NTFS and Share permissions because they are much different from NTFS permissions used in Windows NT 4.0.

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