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Managing, Monitoring, and Optimizing System Performance, Reliability, and Availability

Your Server is the heart of your network. It's up to you, as an Administrator, to keep the server in good health and humming along. To do this, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the System Monitor (formerly known as Performance Monitor). You'll need an understanding of the four subsystems: processor, RAM, disk, and network—and which objects and counters are essential for each.

You need to know how to end and change the priority of processes through Task Manager. Can anyone use the Task Manager (or only Administrators)?

Server backups are essential. You'll need to be familiar with the Ntbackup tool for this exam. Know the different kinds of backups and how to restore the data.

Learn what System Data is, what it does for you, and how to restore it. Specifically, know how to restore it from tape, how to troubleshoot it through Safe Mode, and how to use the Recovery Console.


Study Hint: Use the System Monitor to track each subsystem as you complete different tasks on your server. For a realistic approach, create log files of your activity.

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