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Passing the exam

If you know the heart of Windows 2000—Active Directory—you're ready to smoke this exam. If not, allow yourself plenty of time to get a clear understanding of the objectives. Active Directory is a big, intricate piece of software; don't rush through your learning of it.

Try to study each day, rather than a quick cram before the exam is ready—it'll pay off. When you are studying, a few hours a day is plenty. I've never been an advocate of hours on end of studying. Once again, the most important element you'll need to pass this exam is hands-on experience with these topics. If you can, create a lab with at least two servers—more if you can—so you can experience AD between multiple servers. An ideal lab has three servers and a couple of workstations.

As you take your exam be aware of your time. Don't eat up too much time on any given question. If you're stumped on a particular question, offer your best guess, mark the question, and move on.

Finally, try to relax as you move through the test. Think about the experiences you've had with AD and how it relates to the questions. Will it be easy? Probably not. But just remember: If it were easy, everyone would do it.

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