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Managing, Monitoring, and Optimizing the Components of Active Directory

Knowing how to manipulate objects in Active Directory will ease you through this objective. Get familiar with how to move and publish objects in AD. Search AD for different objects, find them, and then set security measures or delegation on containers. A healthy dose of hands-on experience with just working through AD objects is what you really need. Remember that scripts can automate much of the tedious work in AD. Know what scripts can and can't do.

Take time to create new AD servers in sites and then set replication to the servers. You'll need to be familiar with how to optimize AD over slow WAN links. Your friend ntdsutil.exe can provide some help with optimizing AD performance.

You need to understand how to back up and restore AD; it's the system data. You'll need to know what is actually backed up and how to do an authorative restore—and on which machine the restore should happen.


Study Hint: Create, publish, and move objects in AD. Create sites and configure replication accordingly.

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