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Organization Ratings

We asked learning leaders to rate their own training organizations’ proficiency for each process capability area, using the scale “don’t do,” “poor,” “average,” “good,” and “great.” Figure 1-3 shows the percentage of respondents who rated their own training organization as great for each process capability.

Figure 1-3

Figure 1-3 Respondents Rating Their Training Organization as Great for Each Process Capability

We found it interesting that learning leaders reported that their own training organizations excelled at the three most critical process capabilities, as outlined in Figure 1-2: strategic alignment, content development, and delivery. In addition, few learning leaders (no more than 27.5%) rated their organizations as great in any of the process capability areas. This information leads us to believe that there are a large number of organizations ready for ideas to help them move their organization along toward greatness.

Understanding process capabilities is the first and most integral step in determining what is important to continually improving the operations of a training organization. Many articles, books, and other available materials suggest innovative ideas for how to run a training organization. Some suggest that you run your organization like a business. Others suggest that you should evolve from an academic approach to a business approach to training. All surely have merit and are important to consider when determining what is important in running a high-performing training organization. But we believe the research suggests that the best path is to fundamentally understand the process capabilities that are critical in great training organizations and then work to implement those practices that have been identified by hundreds of training leaders around the globe.

We suggest that you determine where your organization is related to each practice within the various capability areas and define priorities for the practices that are most important to your organization, based on corporate goals and objectives. Although hundreds of professionals told us their opinions and helped us identify the priorities for a large number of organizations, what is more important is that you determine what is important for your organization. After you do that, you can develop a plan for how to make your organization a great, high-performing training organization.

Please recognize that the process capabilities and practices are not mutually exclusive. That is, you can implement any and all of them at the same time, or at various times, depending on your business’s objectives. It’s up to you. What works for one organization may not be best in another. You are the best judge of what your strategy should be. We just suggest that you take a path and begin your journey to becoming a great training organization.

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