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Use the Mail App to Send Images

It’s also possible to send photos within an email directly from the Mail app. To do this, launch the Mail app and tap on the Compose icon. When the New Message screen is displayed (see Figure 6-29), fill in the To and Subject fields, and then add text to the body of your outgoing email message.

To then embed a photo within that outgoing message, press and hold your finger in the body text area of the New Message window, where you want to insert one or more images. When the menu bar appears just above where you held down your finger, tap on the right-pointing arrow icon, and then tap on the Insert Photo or Video tab (see Figure 6-30). From the Photos menu, locate the image you want to embed within the outgoing email. Upon selecting and tapping on its thumbnail, the image appears in the New Message window.


FIGURE 6-29 Launch the Mail app and select the Compose option.


FIGURE 6-30 Tap on the Insert Photo or Video tab, and one at a time, select up to five images to embed within the outgoing email message.

You can repeat this process up to five times to embed five separate images into a single outgoing email message. When you’re ready to send the message, tap on the Send option. A pop-up menu appears, asking you to choose a file size for the outgoing images. Your options include Small, Medium, Large, or Actual Size. Not only does this determine the file size of the images being sent, it also impacts what the recipient can do with the image files once received because the resolution of the photos is impacted.

For the maximum flexibility and to retain the highest resolution, leave the images at their Actual Size. This results in larger image files and takes a bit longer for you to upload and for the recipient to download.

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