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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Clock Application

The Clock application is preinstalled on your Galaxy Note 3 and provides the functionality of a bedside clock and alarm clock.

Navigate the Clock Application

  1. Touch the Clock icon on the Apps screen.

  2. Touch the + to create an alarm.
  3. Touch Alarm to view and edit your alarms.
  4. Touch World Clock to see the World Clock and manage the clocks on that screen.
  5. Touch Stopwatch to use the Stopwatch.
  6. Touch Timer to use the Timer.

Manage Alarms

The Clock application enables you to set multiple alarms. These can be one-time alarms or recurring alarms. Even if you exit the Clock application, the alarms you set still trigger.

  1. Touch to create a new alarm.

  2. Touch the up/down arrows to set the hours and minutes.
  3. Touch the AM/PM button to toggle between a.m. and p.m.
  4. Touch the days of the week when you want the alarm to trigger. In this example, the alarm will sound on all days of the workweek but not on Saturday and Sunday.
  5. Check the Repeat Weekly box if you want the alarm to repeat every week.
  6. Touch Alarm Type to change the type of alarm. Your choices are Melody, Vibration, and Vibration and Melody.
  7. Touch Alarm Tone to change the alarm tone or melody that plays.
  8. Move the Volume slider to adjust the volume of the alarm.
  9. Scroll down to see the extra settings.
  10. Touch to enable or disable Location Alarm. If you enable this, you are setting the alarm to trigger only when you are at the chosen location.
  11. Touch to enable or disable the Snooze feature and set how long the snooze lasts.
  12. Touch to enable or disable Smart Alarm. Smart Alarm plays a tune ahead of the alarm time to slowly start waking you up.
  13. Touch to give the alarm a name.
  14. Touch to save your new alarm.

Use the World Clock

The World Clock enables you to keep track of time in multiple cities around the world.

  1. Touch World Clock to display the World Clock screen.
  2. Touch the + to add a new city.

  3. Type in a partial city name to find the city you want to add.
  4. Touch a city to add it to the World Clock screen.

Use Dock Mode and the Desk Clock

When you insert your Galaxy Note 3 into a Samsung dock, the phone automatically switches to Dock mode. This mode turns the Clock app into a desk clock or a bedside clock. At this writing, you cannot switch to Dock mode manually.

  1. Insert your Galaxy Note 3 into a Samsung dock.
  2. If the Complete Action Using dialog opens, touch Desk Clock, and then touch Always if you want to use the Desk Clock every time you dock the Galaxy Note 3 or Just Once if you want to choose among the dock options each time.

  3. Touch to switch the sound between playing through the Galaxy Note 3’s speaker and through the dock.
  4. Touch to exit Dock mode without removing the Galaxy Note 3 from the dock. You can also simply remove the Galaxy Note 3 from the dock.

Customize Dock Mode

You can customize Dock mode to suit your needs better. You can change the shortcuts displayed, hide the shortcuts if you don’t want to see them, and choose which other items appear.

  1. In Dock mode, touch the Menu button to display the menu.
  2. Touch Edit Shortcuts to unlock the shortcuts so that you can change them.

  3. Touch to remove a shortcut.
  4. Scroll to the right.

  5. Touch to add a new shortcut. The Select Activity dialog opens.

  6. Scroll down as needed to see all available apps.
  7. Touch to select an app to create a new shortcut.

  8. Touch the Back button to apply the new shortcut (not shown).
  9. Touch the Menu button to display the menu.
  10. Touch Settings to display the Settings screen.

  11. Touch to hide the status bar when in Dock mode.
  12. Touch Wallpaper to choose the background displayed in Dock mode. You can choose the default Dock wallpaper, choose an image from the Gallery app, or set it to use whatever you have chosen as the wallpaper for your Home screen.
  13. Touch the Calendar check box to enable or disable showing the calendar in Dock mode.
  14. Touch the Weather switch to enable or disable showing the weather on the Dock screen.
  15. Touch Weather (anywhere apart from the switch) to choose Fahrenheit or Celsius and whether the weather is periodically updated.
  16. Touch to display the Accessory screen, which includes a section of settings for Dock mode.

  17. Check the Dock Sound box to enable or disable playing a sound when you insert your Galaxy Note 3 into the dock. Playing the sound can be helpful if you find it difficult to insert the Galaxy Note 3 in the dock.
  18. Touch to enable or disable using external speakers connected to the dock when docked and playing audio.
  19. Touch to enable or disable automatically showing the Dock screen when you insert your Galaxy Note 3 into the dock. If unchecked, you just see the regular Home screen.
  20. Touch to choose what kind of audio is output via the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable when the Galaxy Note 3 is docked. Choose Stereo if you have a standard two-speaker rig or Surround if you have a surround-sound setup, such as a 5.1 speaker set (five directional speakers and a nondirectional subwoofer) or a 7.1 setup (seven speakers and a subwoofer).

  21. Touch the Back button to save your settings and return to the Settings screen for Dock mode.
  22. Touch the Back button to leave the Settings screen and return to the Dock mode desktop.
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