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Application Server-Based Enterprise Applications

Application services essentially provide all the services shown under the standalone enterprise application depicted in Figure 1, and they help alleviate some of the infrastructure coding that would otherwise be embedded within the standalone enterprise application. Figure 2 depicts another view of an application server architecture, including the primary elements that comprise a functioning enterprise application serving environment. Specific relationships to Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), and EJB concepts are also indicated in the diagram.

Figure 2 Primary application server architecture elements.

These are the primary application server elements:

  • Enterprise application component—The enterprise application component encapsulates the business logic and data of an enterprise application.

  • Enterprise application module—The enterprise application module contains one or more enterprise application components to form an individual enterprise service. Enterprise application modules also contain a module deployment descriptor for defining the configuration and deployment properties of the module.

  • Enterprise application—The enterprise application represents a cohesive collection of enterprise application modules, as well as perhaps Web application modules. Additionally, an enterprise application deployment descriptor contains any enterprise application assembly information.

  • Enterprise application container—The enterprise application container provides the runtime environment in which enterprise applications operate.

  • Enterprise application server—The enterprise application server provides the systems infrastructure functionality, such as enterprise communication services (for example, CORBA object request brokers), transaction-management services, security, and services in an integrated application server environment.

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