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Wake Up Call

As the industry shifted, and mortgage rates increased, the money began to slow, and I began to wonder how I would make the monthly payment that at one time seemed like a piece of cake. This piece of cake now became a nasty mountain of old cake I had to climb, untrained and with no gear. I was determined to get the balance paid off, but after months of low or no income and struggling to make the payments, the balance went into collections. I vowed that this would never happen again.

This would be the beginning of my change, or what I like to call my financial awakening. My eyes were opened to what money was really about. I could make the money, but if I didn’t manage the money, I would lose it fast. If I were going to ever have more than I had, I would have to do things differently. I had to separate my wants from my needs and create a plan that would help me accumulate what I desired. I had achieved a level of financial success but wasn’t prepared for it, so I lost it. I lost the opportunity to start building a substantial savings. Even worse, I had missed obtaining the security and financial independence that I now believe to be the freedom that people who possess wealth know as their reality.

I’d always wanted to be a great entrepreneur and break free from the confines of corporate America. Yet, I was thinking, “Yeah right, like that’s going to happen.”

You see, I was canceling the positive words or thoughts out with negative thinking. Although I didn’t verbalize my fear of failure, one that had a Kung Fu grip on the progression of my life, I thought it. Therefore, it was so. I was destined to remain just where I was, waiting for something amazing to happen, waiting for that email that would change my life, the phone call that would help me step out of the door, or the contract that would give me permission to take a leap of faith. I know it sounds crazy, but that was my reality or the reality I had convinced myself to live daily.

My affirmation was...

  • I have the ability to create wealth in abundance; I am a wealth creator.

I repeated this over 20 times a day. You might believe in affirmations and you might not. I didn’t for years, but when I began to fill my subconscious with thoughts of success instead of thinking about what I didn’t want to attract to my life, things began to become clearer. Any time I had a negative thought, which I had learned from experience was the beginning of more negative thoughts, I would soon become consumed with negative thoughts that usually kept me stuck and not able to move forward to accomplish the things that needed to be done. I was in desperate need of mentors whom I could identify with, ones who had overcome adversity and were living a purposeful life void of the lack that I was beginning to feel had become a permanent fixture in my life.

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