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What I Learned

This experience showed me that money had power. It obviously had the power to divide families and make people exhibit behaviors they may not if money weren’t involved. At the early age of 8, I was now witnessing the ugly side of this thing called money. I resented my aunt for doing this because it seemed so wrong. Little did I know that things like this happened more often than not. It was a lesson in money and life. Maybe it was good I didn’t get the money because, at the time, my money behavior which was passed down from my mother supported spending until there was none left.

It wasn’t about being rich or wealthy for me. I saw large homes on television, expensive cars going down the street, but I never put that together to mean other people were rich. It just meant they were able to get what they wanted. I lived in an apartment while my friends lived in houses. I never thought about it being not as good as the way others lived, but rather that this is just how we chose to live. Did my mother want to purchase a home for us? Maybe. I’m not sure. We didn’t discuss that. We just lived. That was home.

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