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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Viewing a Site Window

When you open a site, the site window appears with navigation and commands you can use to work with it. Each site contains content and commands based on the template used to create it. So, not everyone is going to look the same. Here is a look at the site window Home page for a Team site.

Here are the common site elements that appear on a site:

  • Site logo. Displays a logo representing the site. Clicking the logo takes you to the Home page.
  • Quick Launch bar. Allows you to quickly navigate to different areas of the site, including Home and Site Contents.
  • Ribbon. Provides tabs that expand to display commands to work with site pages and libraries.
  • Share button. Allows you to send an email to others with specified permissions to share the site.
  • Follow button. Allows you to add the site to the Sites page where you can easily access it in the future.

  • Sync button. Allows you to synchronize the site contents locally on your computer for offline access.
  • Edit button. Allows you to make changes to the site page.
  • Focus button. Expands or collapses the left pane with the site logo and Quick Launch bar.
  • Top Link bar. Allows you to navigate the site with links inherited from the parent.
  • Search box. Allows you to search the contents of the site.
  • Site title. Displays the title of the site.

Here are the site specific elements that appear on the Home page for a Team site:

  • Getting Started Web Part. Provides a tiled menu for easy access to site options.
  • Document App Part. Allows you to view and work with documents in Document libraries on the Home page.
  • Newsfeed Web Part. Allows you to view recent postings by others and make a posting on the Home page.

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