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Creating a SharePoint Site

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This chapter shows how you can create and manage a site where users can share documents and collaborate on shared projects.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


The SharePoint comes with a variety of different types of sites, such as a team, web, blog, and document center. A site is a group of related pages and apps where users can collaborate on projects and share information. Each site can include multiple subsites and pages that relate to the main site. A subsite can also include its own subsites and pages. A main site and its group of subsites and pages is called a site collection, which create a hierarchy or levels. The main site, also known as the top-level site, requires administration permissions in order to manage it. When you create a subsite, it inherits the permissions, navigation, and appearance of the parent site, the site from which you created it.

You can create a site by using a SharePoint site template. The template provides the base functionality for the site, which you can add or remove features to customize it. Sites in SharePoint are organized on the Sites pages, where you can access them using links, including ones you’re following. You can access a SharePoint site by navigating to the Sites page and using a site link or entering the complete address to the direct site. When you work with and maintain a site, there are two main areas you need to know about. One is Site Contents and the other is Site Settings. Site contents allows you to view and manage all of the libraries, lists, applications, and subsites on the site, while Site Settings allows you to access the administrative options you need to manage and customize the site, such as changing the site title, logo, and look. Each site comes with one or more pages, such as the Home page, which you can view or add new ones to customize the site.

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