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  1. For the Friend managed object, there is an attribute specified for email, but the ICFFriendEditViewController does not support editing the email address. Update that view controller to display the friend’s email address when the view is displayed, allow the user to edit the email address, and ensure that the email address is saved when the Save button is tapped. Test tapping the Cancel button to make sure that changes to the email address are thrown away. Then add a Remind Friend button to the ICFMovieDisplayViewController that will present an email message composer with the friend’s email address.
  2. Currently, the friends list is not very helpful, because the user can see which friends have borrowed movies but cannot see which movies the friends have borrowed. Change the accessory selection to edit the friend record instead of row selection, and add a new view controller to display all the movies a friend has borrowed when the row for a friend is selected. Hint: Use a table view controller backed with a fetched results controller to display the list of movies borrowed by a friend.
  3. Change the sort order in ICFMovieListViewController to sort by year instead of title, without messing up the Shared/Not Shared section headers. Hint: This is a very simple change.
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