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Pay By Program

The table in Figure 6 profiles reader salaries by certification program.

Figure 6

IT professionals holding Oracle and Lotus certifications led the salary grade, with Microsoft and CompTIA professionals rounding out the list. Oracle certificants earn 33 percent more than CompTIA's and 17 percent more than your average Microsoft certification holder. Income, obviously, is influenced by several factors other than certifications held.

From the research study, individual certification programs were analyzed with regard to the income of certificants. This analysis provided some interesting information-especially useful for those considering pursuing one of the top 10 certifications. Figure 7 shows the average incomes of those readers holding the most-achieved certifications.

Figure 7

Subscribers holding a Microsoft MCSE+I had the highest income when considering the top 10 certifications, while, logically, those with the entry-level A+ certification cited the lowest salary level. Figure 8 depicts the salary increases realized by those achieving these top credentials.

Figure 8

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