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Focus of the Book: It’s Mostly About Defects

Throughout the book, we will discuss defects as the core unit of the work and effort driver. We will discuss logging, prioritizing, analyzing, scheduling, repairing, and testing them. From many points of view, the endgame is mostly about defects.

For consistency, I use the term “defect” as a synonym for any of the following:

  • bug
  • fault
  • error
  • discrepancy
  • issue
  • omission
  • snag
  • problem
  • enhancement
  • unit of work

I offer a formal definition of defect in Chapter 7, which is the chapter that primarily focuses on defect-tracking and management.

If defects are the primary work element within the endgame, then defect triage is the central clearing house for plotting their demise.

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