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Define all elimination factors.

Now that you’ve described the job requirements, consider other requirements that would eliminate candidates from successfully performing the open job.

Each position may have factors that eliminate otherwise suitable candidates, that is, candidates who otherwise have the necessary technical skills and fit the culture. If you include these factors in your job analysis, you can build them into your job description, and avoid interviewing someone who seems perfect but can’t meet some of the non-technical requirements of the job. Frequently, elimination factors fall into the job and company categories shown in Worksheet 2-2, below:

Worksheet 2-2: Job and Company Candidate-Elimination Categories.

Possible Elimination Factor

Elimination Category




Do you need someone who can travel half the time or even part of the time?



Do you need someone who can commit to core hours or off-hours? Do you need someone who can rotate time on the telephone (common to technical support jobs), such as evenings or weekends, not just during the day? Do you need someone who is at work by a fixed time eachday?



Are you willing to pay for the candidate's relocation? If you've posted the requisition on the Internet, people outside your geographical area may send you rėsumės. Some people will pay for their own relocation, so don't automatically reject candidates outside your immediate geographic location, but decide in advance whether you will pay for relocation.

Personal Characteristics


Are there people your company chooses to legally discriminate against? As long as who you don't want to hire is not part of a protected class, such as people older than forty or a member of a minority group, then you can make this characteristic an elimination factor. If your company has a specific reality to consider, then you can use this reality to eliminate potential candidates who do not fit.


For technical support people who will handle telephone help-desk calls, the ability to speak clearly and audibly is frequently a plus. Decide whether you are willing to train people to speak more clearly, or whether you want to avoid interviewing them altogether.

Salary Requirements


Salary requirements, additional benefits, and other perquisites should be defined in the job analysis and discussed with the candidate during the phone-screen so that such components of the job offer do not become a problem.

Define the elimination factors for your job on the job analysis worksheet, and use the elimination factors in your phone-screen, sometimes as the first questions you ask.

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