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A Simpler Print Method

If you will just use the shaped image over a white background—not placing it over other image elements—you might want to use another simpler print method. All you have to do is delete the image area you don't want. Just use the mask/selection to cut out the outside portion of the image. This saves you from using a clipping path, and may have other benefits.

To delete, load the selection you created, invert it (choose Select, Invert), and be sure that the background color is white (if in doubt, press D to reset the default colors). With the selection loaded and inverted, click the Delete button on your keyboard. When you put this image on a page in layout, the background will not print (there is no white ink in a separation), and you can put whatever you want over the top. The advantage here is that the image you cut out can have softer edges, and it might blend in the page more naturally than the Clipping Path/EPS version—depending on the resolution you chose and how soft the edge of the selection is.

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