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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Examining Index Cards

Index cards represent your files, but they do not display the content of the document itself. Rather, the index card contains elements of the meta-data for the file. Imagine it as a physical index card you paper clip to each document describing its content.

As shown in Figure 6.3, there are three mandatory elements on every index card, as follows:


Figure 6.3An index card displays the icon, title, and synopsis of the document.

  • Icon: The item’s icon, matching the one that appears in the Binder. You can easily see if the file contains document text or has been saved as a Snapshot, for example, by looking at the icon. The icon has a functional purpose, as well: to open a document in the Editor window in order to work on the document itself, double-click the icon on the index card.

  • Title: The title of the document, as it also appears in the Binder. Double-click the title to highlight and rename it. If you change the title of the document on the index card, it is updated in the Binder and the Inspector.
  • Synopsis: The synopsis of the document. Double-click to type or edit the synopsis on the index card. You can also enter the synopsis in the Inspector. If you want to use an image in place of a text synopsis, as shown in Figure 6.1, you must add it in the Inspector. You are not required to enter a synopsis; if you do not, this area of the card remains blank.

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