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Changes to the AddressBook GUI

The new AddressBook differs from the old one in that it now presents a menu to the user, allowing the user to select from two options:

  • LoadXML

  • LoadDB

This menu option is implemented through the creation of two Command objects using the Command.SCREEN type:

static final Command cmdXML = new Command("LoadXML", 

             Command.SCREEN, 1);
static final Command cmdDB = new Command("LoadDB", 

             Command.SCREEN, 1);

If either of these items is selected, the loadAddressDB(boolean fromXML) method is called. This method first clears the mnuMain menu and either loads addresses from a remote XML file or from the local database:

public void loadAddressDB(boolean fromXML) {
   //First, clear the list
   while (mnuMain.size() > 0) {

   if (fromXML) {

   int count = dbAddress.recordCount();
   for (int i=0; i < count; i++) {
      mnuMain.append(dbAddress.getName(i+1), null);
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