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What Is Satellite Forms?

Like its distant relative Microsoft Visual Basic, Satellite Forms is many things, including these:

  • A programming language

  • A development environment

  • A runtime engine

  • An object model

  • A client/server development tool

Figure 1 shows the Satellite Forms integrated development environment (IDE), known as the App Designer.

Figure 1

The Satellite Forms App Designer.

Satellite Forms comes with a number of commonly used controls. These include the Text, Button, Edit, List Box, and Bitmap controls. Each of these controls can be dragged and dropped onto a form within the IDE. Events (such as a button click event) are handled by right-clicking a button on a form and selecting Control Properties. In the resulting dialog box (see Figure 2), edit the Action When Clicked result to action type Run Script.

Figure 2

Adding an event handler.

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