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Adopt a Sense of Urgency

Do or die. That’s not just a phrase meant for emergency room personnel. It’s the attitude you need to continually cultivate your network of High-Return Relationships. This make-or-break mentality fosters the sense of urgency required to maintain your growth momentum. You passionately believe that you have something worthwhile to offer, and you know that the more mutually beneficial relationships you develop, the more opportunities you will have to share your product or service. Without sacrificing your integrity, you will do whatever it takes to create and strengthen these connections. This sense of urgency keeps you pumped up for new opportunities, pushing you past the status quo in pursuit of stellar results.

Acting with a true sense of urgency means focusing with intensity on your most critical growth objectives for each High-Return Relationship. A sense of urgency helps alleviate stress by forcing you to prioritize—to focus your attention, energy, and creativity on big-impact relationships and associated goals and tasks.

Communicated with confidence, credibility, and conviction, your sense of urgency also inspires your customers to share in your vision. A sense of urgency is a “zest factor,” a catalyst for tapping latent potential, spurring us to rise to the next level of ability and creativity. In the words of leadership expert John P. Kotter, a well-communicated sense of urgency “stimulates alert, focused, and fast-moving behavior that is relentless in its mission.”2And when you aim your sense of urgency at the heart as well as the head, you magnify results.

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