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"He says he's already got one…"

If your organization already has a test lab, make sure that it's adequately equipped to test your Windows 2000 design effectively. You may also want to ensure that the test lab accurately duplicates your current production environment. Be certain to have each of the applications that your organization uses installed in the lab and configured to emulate the production environment.

If your design includes significant changes to server/workstation hardware or infrastructure components such as routers or switches, make sure that you have the new hardware installed in the lab. The bottom line is this: "If it's called for in the design, it needs to be in the lab." In some situations, it may be impossible—due to component availability, expense, or other reasons out of your control—to build an exact duplicate of your design in a lab. Even if this is the case, it's still important to match the final design as closely as possible in the lab.

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