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Motorola J2ME SDK Components

The Motorola J2ME SDK components can be downloaded after registering at the Motorola iDEN Developer Community. A note in the README file at the time of this writing indicated that the components will soon be integrated into Metrowerks CodeWarrior (Metrowerks is now owned by Motorola). At the time of this writing, the toolkit consisted of several Motorola device emulators (including one for the i1000 phone—see Figure 3), several excellent example programs, and a user's guide document.

Figure 3

The Motorola i1000 emulator.

The emulators are useful and several of the sample applications are interesting, but other than that there aren't many additional features. The Motorola iDEN Developer Community is partnering with CollabNet to host several development projects, so be sure to visit if you're interested in contributing or learning something from the experts!

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