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Unleash Your Web Server's True Power!

Core services provided through intranets and the Internet are delivered via Web servers. With higher reliance on Web servers, their performance has become increasingly important—in fact, it is paramount from an end user's perspective. You might be surprised by just how much Web power is available via a 2 CPU-based NT Web server. No single benchmark is perfect, but for a frame of reference, let's look at two results based on the SPECweb96 industry standard benchmark that measures the number of static http operations that a Web server can support. A dual CPU 400MHz Pentium II Web server running NT 4 and IIs 4 can support 1,825 Web (http) operations per second, and a 4 CPU Xeon class NT Server can provide 3,151 http operations per second. This works out to roughly 6,570,000 and 11,343,000 Web operations per hour! Even with multiple operations required to provide a single Web page, this is enough power to handle some serious Web sites. Most sites will rarely require this level of performance, but it is nice to know what an optimized NT Web solution running on enough server iron can provide.

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